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jeudi 21 avril 2011

Echelon of Mars, you rock

A few months ago, I have written a message entitled "Echelon of Mars versus the rest of the Universe" HERE

At that time, I was not yet familiar with the concept of "Echelon" if we can call this a concept. I did not understand what an Echelon was, what steps did someone have to climb to become an Echelon. And, to be honest, to me, the Echelon were sort of living in their own world, allowing no-one in. Some sort of "sect" or something ;)

I also thought that the Echelon were all extremely young and that the fact that I could be the mother of 90% of them would close the door which would lead me to the beautiful red planet : Mars.

I was wrong.

Will you forgive me ? :)

Now, a few months later, I understand this army and I am gonna tell you why it is such a beautiful one and how it operates :

1- No discrimination of country, race, color of the skin, religion, age. As a proof of what I'm saying, read this wonderful tweet from @30STM_6277 :"It does not matter who you are, where you are from, how old you are or which religion you have. The important thing is that you are an Echelon."

Thank you guy. It's one of the most beautiful things I've read for a long time. These words imply so much love.

2- Mutual aid : as soon as an Echelon asks for something, dozens of others answer and help.

3- Mutual comfort : when an Echelon feels bad or depressed, dozens of others come to help and to cheer him/her up.

4- And of course, as the first task of the Echelon is to support the 30STM, they are all always ready to fight hard for the band and they do fight hard.

Echelon of the whole planet, you rock. I am sure that Shannon, Jared and Tomo are happy and proud to have you, such a strong, faithful and united army. You, the Kings and Queens.

I have myself been listed in "Echelon", "Believer", "Marsmothershuckers" (lol, love this one) and many other lists all related with Mars. You know what ? I'm proud of it.

Best band ever
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Féfé-who-now-considers-herself-a-Mom-Echelon (Lucky me : there are 3 Dads ;)

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