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mercredi 29 décembre 2010

Echelon of Mars versus the rest of the Universe

To me, voting is a duty.

When it concerns political matters of course. I love the idea that my vote might change things. So, when I am confined in the voting booth busy deciding for the "best" alternative (or what I think would be the best alternative), I really feel concerned.  

Didn't know it was also possible

But, when I'm not too busy, I also like to imply myself in less "serious" or "funnier" matters such as voting for the song of the year or the movie of the year or anything else of the year (not "anything" actually but you must've got the idea), for the "Most epically unforgettable video of 2010".

If you have clicked on the link (just above - don't tell me you've missed the green thing), you must be now well aware of the MTV best video "contest" which took place a few days ago, of the contestants and of the winner. "Hurricane", the video of Thirty Seconds To Mars was "elected" most epically unforgettable video of 2010.

I will not tell you how many times I voted for this video. It wouldn't be decent.

Er...I'm not actually.

Let's just say that I have voted for Hurricane a "huuuuuge" number of times. If it is allowed, why on earth should we refrain ?

So, I was happy to learn that my favorite video had won with a percentage of 53.26, immediately followed by "Na, na, na.." (My Chemical Romance) 45.32%.

What a success !! In politics, we would have talked about a landslide victory.

Of course I was not the only one to vote. Had it been so, Hurricane would have certainly ended up with the same score as that of "Why don't you love me" (Beyonce) : 0.03%...

It hurts

...more certainly with a higher score actually if we take the number of my votes into consideration ;-)

No, I was not alone. The Echelons were there too with an organized offensive plan of attack which consisted in mobilizing the troops and sending them on the vote in successive waves without letting any chance of victory to the "enemy".

Very impressive technique worthy of the greatest armies. 

And ultra-effective.

You did it guys.
So, since the victory, the Echelons warmly congratulate themselves (or receive congratulations from the band) on Twitter, on Facebook, on the band's blog...

They deserve it.

But I deserve it either. Don't I ?

So...congratulations to me...and congratulations not only to the Echelons but to all the people in the whole universe who have voted for Hurricane either and have thus enabled the band's video-clip to win.



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