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lundi 27 décembre 2010

Aging is not an option on Mars

On his way to Thebes, Oedipus encountered a Sphinx which asked him a riddle : "What walks on four feet in the morning, two in the afternoon and three at night ?" Oedipus answered : "Man. As an infant, he crawls on all four, as an adult, he walks on two legs and, in old age, he relies on a walking stick".

This is how we, human beings, are supposed to evolve. This is the natural course of life. You start to age from day 1 and from day 1, you are being thrown into little boxes which will categorize you for the rest of your life : baby, kid, teenager, young, young adult, adult, mature, middle-aged, old and finally decrepit...when you're lucky enough to reach this stage (or unlucky, depending on each one's point of view).

But, according to me, the truth is that "age is just a number".

I don't remember where or when I have heard this statement and even who has said it. What I remember is that when I heard it, I thought that nothing could me more true (truer ? Crap ! How d'you say that in english ? That bloody french native speaker thing again)... 

...and it seems particularly true if you are from Mars.

Yesterday, I have learnt that it was Jared Leto's birthday. It was an inspired performance to arrive on Earth one day after Jesus (there would be other inspired performances later, but no one knew...yet). Still in his Mother's womb but already fighting : "I'm not going out ! I don't want my birthday to be the same day as that of Jesus. No way ! Don't want it ! don't want it ! don't want it ! I want Christmas presents and birthday presents ! Moooooom, stand firm another 1 day. Only one single day...I won't come out anyway !".

Well, it appears that Mom and son did it in the end.

Hooray !!

So, when I heard that Jared was growing older, I wondered how old he could be. Thanks to Wikipedia, I learnt that he was having 39. GOSH !!! 39 is nearly 40. Was the guy as old as that ?!? But then, if Jared was 39, what about Shannon ? The eldest brother.

Nearly 41.


Just kiddin'
But...what the hell ?...give me one minute...let me count...1, 5, 2...they're...oh God ! They're of the same generation as me !! 



If I am sooooo happy, it's because this revelation (if not divine, at least reassuring) was quite a relief to me as something which strongly looked like a guilt complex was insidiously worming its way into my mind because of the young age of the band's fans.

That's how (thanks to the revelation) I started to think that if the guys themselves were around the same age as me, there was no need to rack my brains anymore with stupid social considerations (the small boxes, you remember ?).

No. There was definitely no need to.

The 2 brothers do not look their age. That's a fact. They look like young trendy teenagers. Let's say young adults...or old teenagers ? Huh !! I'm lost (bloody boxes !).

See what I mean ?
Photo found HERE If there's any problem of copyright, feel free to tell me. Thanks.

What does it mean "looking one's age" anyway ? A man is as old as he feels himself to. So, if that man feels young, he IS young. If he feels he. There's nothing we can do for him (should try to find some elixir or other. Might help).
(masculine gender is used here to ease the writing but of course the principle applies to all genders : male, female and others).

Anyway, what matters is that life on Mars seems to be the key to preserve one's arteries and body cells from an early necrosis. One seems not to age over there.

Shannon (with his sticks) and Jared having their breath of Mars air
Keeps 'em young. That's the secret

As I do not intend to travel to Mars in the near future, and as I want to stay young as long as possible, I'll continue to listen to the 30stm music.

My own lapis philosophorum.

It'll be my secret.

Good palliative, isn't it ?

"Foreeeever young, I wanna be foreeever young"


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