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samedi 25 décembre 2010

Christmas on Earth (as I've never experienced it on Mars)

I am not a believer.

My father who was endowed with approximately the same IQ as Einstein (and thus with a highly developed critical sense) had read the holy books from every conceivable angle and had decided, on the basis of what he had read, that Marx was right when he wrote his famous "religion is the opiate of the masses".

When you grow up in such an environment, you are more enclined to look at religions with a critical eye and thus you do not absorb what you are told as a known fact.

Finally, when you have become an adult, you have yourself read the Books, you have detected "irregularities" in the story/ies, you have talked about these irregularities with "wise" people, you have realized that nobody could give you a rational and/or a reasonable explanation...and you have ended up thinking the same way as your Dad...and the same way as Marx (at least as far as the relation between the religions, the opiate and the masses is concerned).


I love Christmas (which is originally a pagan tradition surrounding the winter solstice, let's not forget it).

I love this "warmy" atmosphere which wraps our lives for a few days. I love the smiles on people's faces. I love watching everyone feverishly busy preparing themselves for D-Day (Oh God, I have forgotten to buy my sister's-daughter's-husband's-mother's-cousin's present). I love being with my family, talking, laughing, remembering, singing Christmas songs ("Beeeelleu nuit, Saiiiinteu nuit..." "Oooooh night, Hoooolly night..."). I love the twinkling christmas tree, the lights, the garlands, the mistletoe...

and the kiss ;-)

To me, Christmas is a protective cocoon. A temporary protective cocoon, but still, a cocoon. Nothing can happen to you during Christmas but beautiful things.

Oooooh yes, I really do love Christmas.

To all the believers and the non-believers of the Earth, of Mars and of the whole universe : Merry Christmas.


Christmas won't be Christmas without the Ave Maria


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