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jeudi 23 décembre 2010

The faces of Mars...God ! Where do they get these ideas from ?

Since I have discovered a passion for the Thirty Seconds To Mars' music, I am gripped by a wild frenzy for writing.

Before, I had really struggled to keep this blog updated ("oh God, what am I going to talk about ?"). I did not want to talk about myself nor about the town I am living in. Even if I had made one or two timid attempts, these topics did not really inspire me (I am a topic, uuh ?). I did not want to talk about books or movies (others do it better than I ever will) and I did not want to talk about what's happening around the world (we already have the news on TV, newspapers and internet).

So, I was left "empty-minded"...until my third-type encounter with Mars.

Today, thanks to the 30stm music, tons of topics cross my mind quite frequently at unexpected times : when I am driving (thank you CD player), when I am doing this or that in my every day life (thank you Ipod) and even when "showering" (thank you podgear)...

One thing though. When you shower, you'd better not listen to Closer to the Edge. I have devastated the bathroom. It was not my fault anyway. It was Shannon's. I couldn't resist the crazy-wacko-mental-cuckoo-doolally-screwy rythm of the drums.

The showerhead could not either. There was water everywhere...oops.

My advise : listen to Alibi instead. It's safer.

Why are you smiling ? You also sing when you shower, don't you ?

My mind (not empty anymore) is now boiling. Steam shaped like words escapes from every single cell of my brain. Everything that I learn is grist for the mill. And as far as the 30stm are concerned, there is enough material to fill a huge sack. Like the ant in Jean de la Fontaine's fable, I intend to stock (one never knows, winter might come). 

So, yesterday night, I have accidentally found one of those many topics : "The faces of Mars".

Uuuh ?? I had just finished to absorb the principle of the 12 steps to Mars thing when, bang !! something new was striking my head with the strength of a cannonball.

Ouch !

The faces of Mars. The mosaïc. "What the Hell is this ?" I thought (I told you that sometimes I was able to think, didn't I ?)

Naturally, I immediately decided to give a closer look at this new "concept" and started to glean information from the web.

Actually, in 2009, and in order to help the launch of their new album, the band had asked their fans to submit photos. The 2000 fastest would have the chance to have their face on one of the 2000 individual covers of the album "This Is War". I read somewhere that Jared had said that this "Face of Mars" campaign was not a publicity stunt but a huge "thanks" to the fans.

One of the 2000
Then, in 2010, the band released a mosaic featuring all the people who had contributed to the "Faces of Mars" campaign.

You must take a look at THIS (an interactive mosaic, crazily funny...and surprisingly moving. Click and watch...and listen - this goes without saying). 

The band had already made their fans participate in the recording of the album. They then continued with that !!

By Merlin's baggy pants, this is genius !! Could we imagine something more intelligent in terms of communication ?

I am perhaps not very objective but I think that this band is really head and shoulders above any other band. At least in the field of communication. One cannot deny it even if they don't like the 30stm and their music (Fuc.....*¤§#^°** stupid morons).


EDIT : 2011/07/11 Now, I AM a face of Mars (yeehaaaw) ;)

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