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lundi 20 décembre 2010

Shannon Leto from Mars...see who I'm talking about ?

I'm gonna tell you a secret.

If there were, apart from me, only two people left on Earth, say after a huge tsunami or a gigantic earthquake or any joyful event of the same sort and if these two men (men of course. My "sexological" sign is heterosexual, ascendant heterosexual - we are who we are, right ?), if these two men were Shannon and Jared Leto (I have cautiously used the "IF" twice, you've noticed that, haven't you ?), I'd definitely choose Shannon.

But allow me first to clarify things. I do not languish over the Leto brothers nor do I heave desperate sighs when I come across a photo of one of these two fellows. I do not shout in a hysterical manner when I hear them talk and, believe it or not, I even manage not to faint at the sight of Jared's abs.

See that girl ? It's not me.

Now that things are clear, let me explain why I'd choose the eldest brother (If...).

1 - Jared has 355 363 twitfollowers (the number might have increased by the time you reach my post). Shannon has "only" 89 095 followers (same remark about the increasing number).

What do you think ? Won't it be easier to bump 89 095 people off instead of nearly 400 000 (in case the natural disaster has spared other people than me and the 2 Letos) ?

2 - Shannon is not very talkative. So, there's a big part of mystery surrounding him. I am naturally attracted by mysteries. Ok, in my real life, "mistery" men have done no good to me in the end but as it is not here a question of starting anything real between the two of us ("this is not reality..."), I can confess that I definitely prefer this behaviour to that more extrovert of his brother.

3 - I know nothing about drums. It would be impossible to me to name all the elements of the whole drums thing. I would be totally unable to root a single sound out of the drums if you gave me two sticks (I mean a harmonious sound 'cause I could surely make a lot of noise). But there is one thing that I know for sure : it is the first time ever that when I listen to a song, I concentrate on the drums. It is the first time ever that the sound of drums makes me feel alive. In my long love story with music, there is definitely a before-Shannon Leto and an after-Shannon Leto.

This might sound crazy but I am crazy anyway. So...

Thanks man.
How I'd love to listen to the "Bohemian Rhapsody", with Shannon playing the drums.

4 - Twitter again. While Jared tweets 1 billion times a day (a bit of exaggeration won't kill), Shannon tweets 1 time (see point 2 about the this word english ?) BUT, I am 99% sure (always allow 1% to doubt) that it is him who tweets whereas his mischievous brother does not always tweet himself. I have noticed a couple of time (concerts in Switzerland and Madrid for example) that "he" (?) was tweeting and he was on stage at the same time (mischievous, I told you...and omnipresent). So, to me, Shannon is a bit more...tactful towards his fans.
EDIT 01/04/2011 : I don't know how to put've just learnt that one could schedule updates (I've just done it myself). So, Jared might have scheduled his Tweeter updates. This could explain what I thought was "omnipresence". Hem...mea culpa. Doesn't change the fact that I'd choose shannon anyway ;-)

5 - Shannon has written ("created" would be a better word) L490. I have already said it in a previous post : one must be very sensitive to be able to create such a melody. So, the image of the bad guy must be just an image. If I'm wrong, I'm ready to take the veil.

Oops, not this veil

This one

So, let's sum up : Less fans (which is a huuuuuge quality), an aura of mystery, tactfulness, sensitiveness, not very talkative, EXCELLENT drummer (the best ever to me as far as I can judge)...

These are the reasons why I'd choose Shannon.

...and we would happily get rid of Jared...ok, ok, I won't kill the whole 400 000 followers. I'll spare one for fond of S&M and bondage...just in case...

Oh, I had forgotten to add "funny" in my "sum up". Funny and secretive, you've noticed that either, haven't you ? ;-)


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