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mercredi 15 décembre 2010

Because life does not "R-Evolve" only around Mars (yeah, I know, it sucks)

Last night, while I was watching the making of "From Yesterday" from you-must-know-who-by-now-if-you-have-read-my-posts (if you have not, feel free to wander around) I was again flabbergasted by the beauty of the images (and that of the song of course. I don't know why I keep repeating things that I must have said a thousand times already).

I then watched "A Beautiful Lie" (the making of). And...stunned again oooooooh !! aaaaaaaah !!

You might think that I am a birdbrain which can do nothing but go into raptures (Ooooooooh !! Aaaaaaah !!)...and you might be right. At least in this particular case (I love the idea that in my every day life, the birdbrain thing is not what first characterizes me).

It is already difficult (hem...birdbrain stuff again ?) to talk about such strong feelings in french (french native speaker, you remember ?), let alone in english. Let's just say that the videos show us Mother Nature in all its magnificence.

1st part out of 7. Wanna watch them ? It's HERE

Anyway, one thing leading to another (one never knows where their brain will take them), I started to think about the Sahara. Another beautiful place on Earth. Another "edge" of the Earth. As far as I know (correct me if I am wrong, I still know very few about the band), the 30stm have never shot any video in the Sahara nor in any other desert.

And if we took two seconds to think about it, we would all agree that shooting in extreme climatic conditions, in a "hostile" environment, would not be their first challenge.

To one who has already experienced the North Pole, the desert is nothing more than a pushover. In the desert, there's no risk to see your toes getting loose from your feet because of an unfortunate encounter with ice. Ok, there are scorpions treacherously hidden under the sand, ready to make insidious attacks...I must admit that it would not be anymore a simple matter of a loss of toes which, all things considered, are only small pieces of flesh and bones without which we still could live.

Rickety but alive.

Still, the 30stm are daring people, aren't they ? Has a small silly vindictive scorpion got the power to spoil the party ?   

Makes you feel hugely small

One has to put things into perspective

Life, out from the sand

Ready for a ride guys ?

I don't know if the idea of shooting a video in the Sahara is racing (or has or will) through the band's mind. What I know is that I'd love that because it would give me a new opportunity to ooooooh and aaaaaaah. 

Birdbrain I told you.

So you thought that life did not revolve only around Mars, didn't you ?

So did I.

I was wrong obviously. When I started to write this post, inspired by the making of I had watched yesterday, I just wanted to talk about the Sahara.

But you already know the story about one thing leading to another... ;-)


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