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samedi 11 décembre 2010

The 12 steps to Mars...or the 12 labours of Heracles ?

Yesterday, while rummaging (again) around in the web, I came across the "12 steps to Mars".


I knew that the 30 Seconds to Mars had their army. I'm part of it actually did you know that ? I must confess that I was first torn apart between the idea of being a "recruit" (which I don't really like) and the strong wish to receive their newsletters. I finally happily decided to throw my principles to hell and "signed up" for the army with both  hands.

I also knew that the band had their "echelons" ("street team, which helps in bringing friends to the shows, phoning local radio stations to request the band's songs, putting up posters, posting to band forums or related bulletin boards online, voting for the band in official award nominations and maintaining magazines or websites dedicated to the band". Def. from Wikipedia).

But I knew nothing about the :

Great !! I had discovered something new (it looks like there's a lot to say about this band). So, as you'd expect (I'm sooooo curious), I decided to give a closer look at these 12 steps.

While the list scrolled under my eyes, I realized that I had already (though involuntarily - I knew nothing about the 12 steps you remember ?) answered some points. But this is not the point.

I started to wonder if there were people who did follow the instructions and achieve all what was asked ? (I'm asking but I'm sure there are). And when they had fulfilled the 12 conditions, were they waiting for something in return ? Like becoming a soldier ? An echelon ? Were they waiting for any bonus/reward ?

Or did they simply follow the steps "for free", just for the love of the band ? I hope that this is the correct should.

Anyway, as you are going to see, achieving the process of the 12 steps to Mars seems to be quite a tough job even if it is easier than cleaning Augias's stables or bringing back the wild boar of Erymanthe alive. Poor Heracles. Had he known the 30 Seconds to Mars, he would not have sweat this much !

1. Tell 10 people OFFLINE about the band who have never heard of us before. Let us know what they think. DONE (haven't let the band know though)
2. Tell 10 people ONLINE about the band who have never heard of us before. Let us know what they think. DONE + (see point 1)
3. Send 10 people a link to K+Q who have never heard it. Stream it or embed it on any of your personal social networking sites. DONE
4. Share the DRAGON AGE trailer with everyone you know. Host it on your social networking site, post it on video game blogs, music blogs, forums for similar bands, etc... JUST DONE (lower your eyes...a little lower

I'm "Nintendo" guys but :

1. I like all what concerns fantasy (books, movies, games).
2. this trailer is beautiful.
3. I love the song.


5. Hand out THIS IS WAR stickers, flyers, window clings. OK. DO I GET THEM FROM ? Are they available in BAB EL OUED ? ;-)
EDIT 12/23/2010 : I've just read more carefully one of the newsletters. Actually, everything is given. We can print flyers, posters. My mistake guys !

6. Stencil busy areas, sidewalks and streets with the pyramid symbol. Look for high-traffic areas. HIGH TRAFFIC AREA ?? ARE YOU KIDDING ? YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE NEVER BEEN TO WHERE I LIVE. I VALUE MY LIFE GUYS.

The triad...for the "group of three".

7. Call, text and email your local radio station. Get your family and friends to as well. THIS IS IMPORTANT!! MY LOCAL RADIO STATION WOULD NEVER RECOVER FROM SOMETHING LIKE HURRICANE (they'd surely ask to watch the video-clip first and...Oops).
8. Spread the word and place links to content, songs, trailers etc in other band message boards, comments sections of articles about similar bands, as well as the comments sections of friends and bands social networking sites. TOO TEDIOUS (sorry. I'm a very lazy girl)
9.Tell everyone you know about the pre-order on MusicToday that includes an exclusive live chat with the band day of release. THE ALBUM'S ALREADY BEEN RELEASED QUITE A LONG TIME AGO AND THE EXCLUSIVE LIVE CHAT MUST'VE ALREADY TAKEN PLACE (*sobs*). SO...
10. Make your status on your social net site Thirty Seconds to Mars related (aim, twitter, bb, etc) i.e. “THIS IS WAR”. I DO LOVE YOUR MUSIC GUYS BUT I WON'T DO THAT. I HATE BEING LINKED TO ONE AND ONLY ONE THING (my Dad would call me a rebel. Is there a cause and effect relationship ?) BUT, I have a strong tendency to throw my principles to hell these days so...who knows ?
11. Share pics and your reviews of shows post it to FB Notes or MySpace Blog. Tag your friends! I'LL BE THINKING OF IT (one has to have pleeeeeenty of time)
12. Add links to K+Q and Teasers on comments sections to Dragon Age Video/Reviews on,,, SEE COMMENT POINT 8

It took 10 years to Heracles to finish the 12 labours. I wonder how much time it would take me to reach Mars ;-)

Seems a long way

More seriously, I understand better now why a lot of the 30stm fans seem really devoted to the band. They are part of an army. They were involved in This Is War. They have their own 12 labours to achieve and they are given a way to invest themselves in an adventure that appears to be the same as that of their idols : the promotion of an album (and the promotion of the band itself either).

This must create a strong feeling of "belonging" to something huge and a strong desire to please the "general-in-chief.

However, we are talking about "This Is War" and I am wondering if the 12 steps to Mars is still a topical question since the album was released a year ago.

Féfé-who-will-surely-write-something-on-the-symbolism-of-the-number-12-and-on-that-of-the-triad (tough job).

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Norgus73 a dit…

12-steps programs are usually for people who want to overcome an addiction... Being Echelon, I'm supposed to use a 12-step program to get people addicted. LOL
In all fairness, I've completed just about as many steps as you have :)

Anonyme a dit…

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