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jeudi 9 décembre 2010

What if we carried on our musical journey with Mars ? (A promise is a promise)

But first of all, I must go to confession. You know what ? I am stupid. Totally, desperately and irreparably stupid.

Actually, in my previous message on the musical journey, I had stupidly built a sort of stupid classification on the music of the 30stm according to 3 stupid criteria. If you have not yet read the message I am talking about, you will find it in "recent posts : Ready for a journey ?" (right HERE actually)

In this classification, I had blithely given a stupid appreciation on 3 video-clips I had watched and I had stupidly promised to continue this stupid ranking when I'd have watched all the video clips of the band.


In my defense, I was sincere…when writing the message. I simply had forgotten to look further than the tip of my nose.

See ?

While I was carrying on my “researches” on the 30stm, I have realized that I could not anymore stupidly “classify” their songs because each one of them was UNIQUE and could thus not be given any stupid notation nor any stupid ranking (even if there are some songs that I definitely love more than others).

I have realized that because each song was unique, it could in no way be compared to any other.

So I owe you a huuuuuuuuuuge MEA CULPA.

Session of auto-whipping's over now guys.

Music is something you feel. You like it or you don’t. I have literally fallen in love with so many songs of the 30stm...I won't try to explain why because I simply cannot. We cannot explain why we fall in love with a person, can we ? How is it possible to explain the alchemy that occurs between two people ? This awesome chemistry that is created thanks to so many different simple things such as a glance, a smile, a gesture...

It is the same for songs. No glance, no smile, no gesture here though but notes beautifully put together.

OK. Now that I have said what I wanted to say, we can carry on with the discovery of the band.

Capricorn is the title of a song from the 30stm's first (self-titled) album. "It is said" to be their debut song (always handle the information you find on the internet with care). While I was watching the video and listening to the music, I started to think (yeah, sometimes, when I am on top form, my brain agrees to do several things at the same time). I was looking at something which was sort of starting to shape. The beginnings, the "first fruits" of what will later lead to "A Beautiful Lie" and "This Is War". I know this might sound silly (stupid ? We are who we are lol) but this is how I felt (though I'm pretty sure that I'll change my mind when I'll have listened to this song a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge number of times).

Then I watched and listened to "Attack". This song was released as the lead single of the second album "A Beautiful Lie". Ah ! What should I say about it ? It's as if I was listening to a foreign language that I did not speak. I do not (yet) understand this song (I don't mean the words. I'm talking about the music but you must've got that). I have to learn the language. Meanwhile...mum's the word !

Great !! Something new to learn


And, to finish with this post, last but not least of my tour : L490 (also known as "Equinox" I heard) from the third album "This Is War".

won’t say such common words as beautiful or wonderful or whatever finishing in "ul"…they will be well below what I have felt. I'd simply say that the alchemy really really worked here. 

What if you listened to it ? You'll understand what I mean. It's gut-wrenching.

This song (melody ?) was created by Shannon Leto. 

There must be a very sensitive soul hidden behind the image of the "bad" guy he shows to people..


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