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samedi 1 janvier 2011

Last night, Vegas has left Earth for Mars but I wasn't there.

My love for Christmas time is inversely proportional to the one I have for new year celebrations .

Let's get things straight : I don't like the celebration around the new year. And believe it or not, in this case,"don't like" is an euphemism.

According to me, here are the places to be on such an occasion (and on a few other occasions either actually but this is not the point today) :

...or here...
...or here.
By the sea, there is no need to pretend that you are deeply happy to be surrounded by billions of people (at least) who themselves pretend to be deeply happy (or maybe they are happy. Who knows ?).

By the sea, there is only you and yourself along with the sea, the sand, the waves, the sky, the clouds and the wind. You can breathe.

In the desert, there is no need to feign happiness and/or excitement when the countdown starts : 10, 9, 8, 7, 6...God !! All these people on the starting line, ready to swoop down on you and to flood you with boozy kisses (yuk), yelling boozy "happy new years", throwing confetti and "boozily" blowing in noisy trumpet-like stuffs which are specifically designed to destroy your eardrums...

In the silent desert, there's only you and yourself along with the sky, the clouds, the dunes and the wind (and casual scorpions but let's be optimistic). You can breathe.

In the mountains, there is no need to be dressed in such a way that you nearly look like a twinkling Christmas tree.

In the mountains, a pair of jeans, a sweater and a comfortable pair of shoes are enough...and you can breathe...

This year however, there is a place where I would have loved to be : Vegas. I would have overcome my aversion to noise, to boozy things and to gleaming clothing. I would have loved to be at the Thirty Seconds To Mars concert. Must have been epic.

I would have simply hidden myself somewhere backstage and I would have watched the band performing. 'T would have been my breath of fresh air.

Then, as soon as the concert is over, I would have sneakily left to get back to my beach, my desert or my mountains :)


Anyway, today is January 1st 2011 and I won't live up to the tradition (you are lucky, I'll spare you the boozy kiss) :

Wish you all the best


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