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mercredi 5 janvier 2011

Haïti is on Mars these days, thanks to Jared leto.

There are countries on this planet which desperately need help. Haïti is one of them.

The Republic of Haïti is the poorest country in the Americas and one of the poorest on Earth. It has not only a long history of oppression by dictators but it is also a land of countless natural disasters. The country is riddled with corruption, the unemployment rate is disastrous, and a great part of the population lives in appalling conditions of precariousness.

Of course (and unfortunately), Haïti is not alone in this case but the earthkaque that devastated the country a year ago had turned all the spotlights on the island...

...temporarily I'd say.

Temporarily because, as often happens in such cases, after the shock and the mobilization of the international community, the "affected" country sinks into oblivion...

...except for a small amount of people who are still helping.

Jared Leto of Thirty Seconds To Mars is in Haïti these days. On his website, he has posted a few pics of what he has seen there (click on the title of the message. You'll be directed to Two photos caught my attention. Here they are (hope it's allowed. If not, please do tell me, I'll remove them) :

Jared Leto has entitled these pics : "Cité Soleil 1" and "Cité Soleil 2".

Have you an idea of what the "Cité Soleil" is ? It is a slum. The largest in the capital of Port-au-Prince. It has been called by the United Nations "the most dangerous place on Earth".

Now that you know, look at the smile of the second child...

If you were not aware of the situation that prevails in Haïti, would you have guessed what is hidden behind that smile ? Illness, poverty, hunger, fear, violence, illiteracy quite often...

That's what makes it the most beautiful smile of the world, of Mars and of the whole universe.

Jared Leto has announced on his website that he was "shooting photographs for an upcoming book that (he is) releasing to raise much needed money for Haïti". Thank God, there are quite a few Jared Letos or Sean Penns on Earth who are still helping. I wish there were more.

I do not intend to give a moral lesson (I am very bad at that) but if the richest people of the Earth shared a small portion of their income, Haïti and a lot of other countries in trouble would be saved.

Anyway, I simply wanted to thank not only Jared Leto but all the people who contribute in any way to the "rescue" of the worst-off. All these people, known or unknown, who give their time, their money, their compassion (might also help).

In short, thanks to all the people who act.

Edit 01/17
I have just found this video. Florent Malouda (french soccer player) is among those who help.


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Anonyme a dit…

I think, Jared Leto would be okay with posting his photos here on this blog by reading this article :-)

Féfé au bled a dit…

Thank you. I take this as a compliment :-)

Of course I'd love to have an "official" approval. I'd feel better because Jared Leto's gonna release his book in which these 2 pics will be included :)

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