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jeudi 13 janvier 2011

Maths lesson : Jared Leto + Haïti + book = HELP

Are you good at Maths ? I am. I have always been. In high school, I was in a maths class. So I know  how to add 1 to 1 and I know what the result of this extremely difficult calculation will be.

I am soooo intelligent.

With the glasses on, I'm even more intelligent
And because I am intelligent (or thanks to it), I know that if we add Jared Leto (jl) + Haïti (h) + book (b), it'll give HELP (H). Simple equation :

jl + h + b = H

Easy to solve. Jared Leto went to Haïti, he shot photographs in order to release a book which will be sold to raise funds for Haïti (click on the title above to read Jared Leto's "Haïti lives").

Easy ? You said easy ?
In fact, if we took a moment to look at it more closely, we'd realize that it is not really that easy. Actually, this simple equation (jl+h+b) involves one major unknown factor, which is to say one huuuuge "x". "X", the so famous "unknown quantity" which has made us drool on our exam papers for so many years at school. I'm sure you know what I am talking about.

Good way to solve a maths problem

So, because of that "x", our equation becomes a quadratic one :

jl + h + (X)b = H

If you're good (or not bad...see the difference ?) at Maths, you should have noticed that my equation is not a quadratic one as it involves only 1 x. And you'd be right. BUT, in this case, the 1 "x" is YOU. Yes, you who are reading me. You, the so complex human being.

You, who are so many and who could help so much and so many with very few. 

So my "X" is composed of at least 2 "x" :

- your will to be part of the adventure
- the number of you who will really buy the book.

Two different things as you might be ok to feel for the cause but might not be ok to buy the book which will help the said cause (because of many possible reasons : lack of money being the major one). The equation would thus now be :

jl + h + 2x(b) = H


Dang ! I cannot go further in the process of the creation of my equation. Seems that I have reached its limits. Can you guess why ? Easy-peasy : one cannot calculate a feeling. The compassion for the cause IS a feeling. So, one of my "x" is one "x" too many.

Anyway. 1 x is enough provided we multiply it, multiply it, multiply it...

Oh God ! You know what ? My equation can go to hell. I won't bother.

What does matter actually is this beautiful smiling little girl...


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