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mercredi 19 janvier 2011

Promo ideas or how to be creative on Mars

There are a lot of people, here on Earth, (have not been to Mars to check 'cause I already know the answer) who are endowed with the talent of creativity.

I am not.

As far as artistic creativity is concerned, I am a dead loss. It's a pity because I do love Art. All kind of arts actually.

My eldest sister is an artist. She's a painter. She creates wonderful things. When she starts a painting, she knows exactly what it'll look like when she'll have finished it. I don't. I see nothing but the drawing and cannot imagine what color will fit here and what other will fit there.

Lack of creativity and lack of imagination. Or the reverse ? No imagination thus no creativity...huh ?!?!
Why me
So, when I read that the Thirty Seconds to Mars were asking people (or the Echelons only ?) to give them ideas for the promotion of the Closer To The Edge song/video, I burst into tears...

Noooooo, I'm kidding. Come on, I'm not that childish... (erm...)

No, I did not cry. But instead of trying desperately and hopelessly to find any intelligent idea, I started to think hard (yeah, at least I can do that even if it gives painful headaches) about the band's request.

Yeaaaaaah, MY song. Those who will dare say it's not, I'll rip their eyes off from their sockets.
Beware. I'm watching

I first wondered what the band exactly wanted. Ideas, ok I got that. But "for the promotion" ? That's the part I did not get.

Let me explain you why.

When you're called Shannon Leto or Jared Leto, you do not get lost in the crowds anymore, do you ? You are now at least a head above the "common" people (in terms of fame). I mean most of the people know you, know your band, know your music (ok those living in the depths of the amazonian forest might not know you but they have legitimate excuses, haven't they ?). Radio stations broadcast your songs, you are being asked to give interviews on TV, radio, magazines...

My point is that you need no-one to give you ideas as you could simply use your "fame" to make the radios and TVs broadcast the song, to make the magazines talk about it...

In short, you are yourselves your own "promotion material". The best idea ever could thus be : use your fame to "sell" your product. It won't be difficult anyway as the said product is a pure marvel.

EDIT 01/20 I thought that the following explanation (in italic) might give some sort of legitimacy to what I'm saying.

A few years ago, I used to work for a car company. We were involved in Formula 1, we had world champion pilots in our team and we were ourselves world champions as F1 cars manufacturer. My job was to "spread the word" : I was the link between the company and/or the pilots and the press (TV, radios, newspapers). Each time we had something new to announce, I would write press releases and organize quite a few other things actually but this is not the point.

What I want to emphasize on here is that we were so well-known, we were so respected, that my job was sometimes ("often" would be more correct) very easy to do : the press would come to us and not the reverse.

That's what I meant when I wrote that it is not difficult to "sell" a good "product". I am convinced that the 30stm can promote CTTE as easily as a snap of their fingers. I'm sure that there are loads of journalists who'd dream to interview any member of the band. Don't hesitate to use your charm on them guys. This is war and we all know that all is fair in war. ;)

My reasoning may seem a naive one as we all know that the band is used to dealing with such matters as promoting an album or a song (or a book). And they are very good at that. But it's how I feel things. It's how I perceive them from my side of the world.

The band could send the army on the battlefield for targeted actions. Why not ? It (the army) is quite efficient.
2nd EDIT lol Just read the transmission and guess what ? "Echelon! Prepare yourselves for Closer to the Edge Week! All next week, we'll be releasing daily missions to focus promotion for the 'Closer to the Edge' song and video. Keep up to date with the projects via Facebook, Twitter, or the official site."
Seems that the Echelons have received their marching orders :)

Oh, and what about a naked Jared running in the street of New York ? This would also surely mobilize the entire town (and the entire country)...
even when I say stupid things
Ok, ok, forget about this one.

You know what ? There is another possibility : I have not caught at all what they mean by "ideas of promo".



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