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dimanche 24 juillet 2011

Dedicated page to Aussie Echelon @sugaronmars

Bad bad girl who has not updated her blog for aaaages...

But today, I have read something that's worth showing and delivering to the entire planet.

I have read @sugaronmars letter to Mars.

I have already talked about the deep love that the band 30 Seconds To Mars share with Echelon...or should I say the deep love that Echelon share with 30 Seconds To Mars ? It works the 2 ways round anyway. But I would never have imagined that someone could put in words what I feel, in a such a beautiful manner.

I won't make an endless speech on this. It's not my point to discourse today. I simply wanted to share.

Thank you Sugar bec.

"On Sunday 24th July 2011,  said:
Imagine this: You are completely in love with a band. This band have, in basic terms, changed you for the better, made you stronger and made you happier in life. Despite how much you love them, you have never had the opportunity to see them live because of personal reasons beyond your control. Those reasons led you to feel useless, upset and made you just hate life in general so you turned to the internet ; a place where you could express yourself and share your love for this band without judgement. It is here that you met a bunch of people called Echelon who embraced you, guided you and made you feel like you had somewhere to belong. Through your growing love for this band that you are discovering more and more about, and the friendships you are forming with people from every corner of the globe, you finally feel at peace with yourself and your confidence and happiness grows in tune with the adoration you have for these people.

With this new found strength, new found appreciation and after months of struggles, you finally decide to chase your dreams and fly to another country to see this band, something you have longed for for such a long time. You cast off the issues that have stopped you from doing things in the past and you let go of the fears you've held onto for as long as you can remember.

As the days tick by, it seems too surreal to be happening. You have moments where you sit and think, but despite feeling as if your stomach is doing summersaults in excitement, you somehow manage to convince yourself it's not real, because good things don't happen in your world. Even when you board your plane, land, and walk around this overseas city, it doesn't feel real.

Eventually it is a mere 48 hours before the big day arrives and you receive an email with detailed information on how you will be seeing the band and meeting them. That's when it hits you like a tonne of bricks. You feel weak, sick even... to the point where you can't sit still, you can't type anything comprehensible and you certainly cant think straight. All the tears, all the heartache, all the regrets, all the fear... all the waiting is almost over. You are less than 48 hours away from the moment that is going to change you and make you feel happier than you have ever felt in your entire life. You are going to be standing face to face with the people who, in a way, saved you... who have guided you and who have inspired you in a way you never imagined possible.

In this moment, nothing else is going to matter, nothing else is even going to exist. It will be you and them and the rest of the world can wait. You're sitting in your hotel room, shaking. Your heart is racing... It's almost time.

This is me, right now.

I'm less than 48 hours away from meeting 3 men who have, without knowing it, changed me into someone I'm ok with. I'm 48 hours away from my first ever 30 Seconds To Mars concert and that I have flown 7000 miles for.

Take chances, follow your heart and chase your dreams.


Have fun and fulfill your Dream :)

PS : You should be able to hear ALIBI playing while you're reading (I hope the widget is okay)

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