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samedi 26 février 2011

Shannon, Jared, Tomo, won't you listen to the voice of the people ?

I am not done with you guys.

Not yet.

I know. I am sometimes annoying. But there is an arab proverb which says "The annoying one always wins over the tough one". I very much like this proverb.

So, as I do want the serbian Echelons to win the particular fight which consists in having the 30stm in Serbia this SUMMER, I think I have no other choice than that of being annoying.

I was about to say that I was sorry for that. But I am not. I am not sorry for being annoying. This is a war and we are fighting. Fighting to fulfill a dream. The dream of your fans.

Jared ? Didn't you say "fulfill your fucking dreams, no matter what" ? So, there we are. Trying to fulfill a fucking dream... matter what.

You must have read at least 1 tweet concerning #SerbiaWantsMars. The contrary seems impossible to me as the serbian Echelons have sent you hundreds of  prayers.

But no one's answering.

I've thought a lot about this deadly silence and I have come to the conclusion that :

1- you have not seen any of the desperate calls from #SerbiaWantsMars.

2- you do not intend to come to Serbia or you simply cannot for several different reasons, but you don't know how to announce it to the Echelons.
You know what ? They love you so much that they would understand if you could not organize a concert in their country. They just NEED to know.

3- you are maybe trying to organize a concert in Serbia this summer but it takes time and you are waiting for things to be completed before you announce it to your fans.

Shall I have to precise that the 3rd point is my favorite option ?

Serbia, I've already told you : I hope you'll win and I know that you'll carry on fighting to fulfill your dream... matter what.


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Anonyme a dit…

It is so nice of you ...Trying to help us... So beautiful power of echelon :'DD

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