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jeudi 3 mars 2011

Mars in close to Serbia

Seems that Mars has heard a lot of demands from many Echelons all over the world. Tour dates are added each and every day. Lucky Echelons who will see their dream come true.

Last tour date added : Croatia

Surprisingly, the Serbian Echelons who have been asking, praying, begging, crying for so many days can't make themselves heard. God ! Is Mars that far from Belgrade or Nis or Novi Sad that they cannot hear Serbia's calls ?

Anyone who has even little notions of geography know that Croatia and Serbia were parts of the same country not that far ago and that they are very close geographically speaking. Zagreb is only 370 km (230 miles) far from Belgrade.

Is it so difficult to organize a show in Belgrade while it seems that it has been easy to organize one in Zagreb ?

I am not a serbian Echelon. I do not even consider myself an Echelon. I am a huge fan of Mars (don't know if "fan" is the correct word to describe what the band and their music represent to me) but I am a free electron (have always been), belonging to no one and to everyone at the same time according to my own choices. But I am deeply moved by the situation that the Serbian Echelons are facing : a mute wall.

A bloody deaf and mute wall that I would love to blow up.

I read their tweets. They often tweet in serbian language that I do not speak (but Google translation does). And I am realizing that as the days go by, they are a bit more sad, a bit more skeptical, a bit more desperate.

I am bitter today. Not desperate but bitter. And angry either. It is so hard to wait for Mars' answer. An answer that is not coming.

Hundreds of tweets have been sent and it is my third blog message for Serbia. Nothing in return. Nothing. Not even a "read" or a "heard". At this point, a word, only a single word (whatever this word is) would be a relief.

Anything would be better than this deafening silence.

I want to yell with frustration and I hate that.

I will carry on my fight beside Serbia even if my help seems useless.

You have to keep faith Echelons. Mars CANNOT forget you.

This is not conceivable.

You deserve a tour date

PS : Thanks for your tweets everyone. But I think that I need to clarify something. No one is blaming the band and no one will blame them if they do not go to Serbia. We know the "pressure" that the "corporate bullshit" (loved that one @eskimofaraway) exert on any band. Might be the problem.

We love them (and will always I guess) matter what. 

What I am actually blaming is the lack of answer. That's my point.

I do strongly believe that the band owes an answer to their Echelons.


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Anonyme a dit…

it is soooo nice that someone is willing to help.. so nice of you :DD ^_^

Anonyme a dit…

thank you so much for helping us :)

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