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mardi 22 février 2011

Shannon Christopher Leto, we miss you

It's been a while since we've read you on Twitter. And even though you are not as talkative as lil bro, I've been used to your rare, short (and sometimes hazy-mazy) comments such as "Tulum rules" or "Spa. Wanna come ?".

Surprisingly, I miss those few words full of mexican culture/history or full of a good sense of humour. Your "wanna come ?" had made my day (are you mental by the way ? You must be brave to ask such questions...or you must have faith in the strength and toughness of your body).

Let's say things straight, I am not in love with you Shannon Christopher Leto. How could I be in love with a picture ?

If I met you on a street, I would not tear my clothes up and I would not offer myself body and soul. I would just shake your, no. No shaking hands. Jared could have a heart attack just at the thought of an association of the words "shake" and "hands" with the name of his brother.

Salmonella looks sympathetic on this pic
Flu virus. Woooooow. Scary
It "visited" me 2 weeks ago and killed me...sort of.

I would hug you instead. Or you would hug me (I would not refuse one of your famous hugs).

So, I'm not in love with you.

But I like you.

And I am just wondering why (not really true as I have already written something to explain why I liked you. Anyway. It's just HERE if you've got the time to read it).

What if we talked about your tatoos ? I love tatoos...when they are small and sober (or discreet, or whatever the correct word is). Yours are huuuuuge (I'm talking about the one on your shoulder and arm). 

Yep. This one.

If I wanted my "inner-self" to be in accordance with my likes and dislikes, I would have to hate that. But I don't. Weird, isn't it ?

I am not a weather-cock. It's just that your tatoos fit on YOU. Should I decide to have the same one on my shoulder, I would just look ridiculous.

This one's funny

Anyway. Today, I simply wanted to tell you that we are quite a few people on this planet to like you. And we would like you to visit us a bit more often when you have a spare moment.

That'd be great.

And actually, among the people who like you, the serbian Echelon are desperatly trying to catch your attention. Will they have an ANSWER ?

That also would be great. Thanks for them.

L490 ?


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