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dimanche 20 février 2011

Open letter to Shannon, Jared & Tomo. Did you notice that Serbia'd launched an attack on Mars ?

I am a newcomer in the world of Mars. You already know that. But during these 4 or 5 months since I have joined the "movement",  I have carefully watched how the 30stm "fans" behave (I know now that "Echelon" and "fan" are two different things).

I do not intend to make a social study on this subject but it is very interesting to observe how passionate, how lovely, how respectful, how loyal, how faithful the Echelon are towards the band. And how they want them badly in their country.

I had never seen that before.

I use TweetDeck and each time someone I follow or someone who mentions me (or retweets me) tweets, a little window opens in the right corner of my laptop screen. Yesterday, while I was working, a special window opened.

"Special" not because someone was mentioning me. "Special" because someone was asking for help.

"Huh ?!?" I thought, "What's this ?"

The message was sent by @AngelEchelon209 and was saying : "@DameFefe Can you pls help us+RT #SerbiaWantsMars :)"

Help ? For what ? How ?

So, as curious as always (I've been taught since infancy that curiosity IS a quality. So, I use it to my heart's content), I decided to open a new "search column" in my TweetDeck board-thing. Then, I wrote the following (still hazy) words "#SerbiaWantsMars" and I clicked on "save".


Oh-My-God !! Under my amazed eyes, an "avalanche" of tweets was scrolling. I soon understood that the Serbian armada had launched a massive attack on Mars. Incredible !! I had the vision of an air-fleet cruising around Mars, sending tweets like a machine-gun.

What an air power !

Actually SERBIA WANTS MARS. Serbian Echelon do badly want Mars. In their country. This summer...

...and they are fighting tooth and nail for it.

We all know that organizing a concert abroad is not an easy task but you guys are back in Europe this summer so...

Meanwhile Serbian Echelons, keep fighting. Do not give up. Who knows ? Shannon or Jared or Tomo could read my post and decide to give a closer look at #SerbiaWantsMars (in case they have not yet noticed your attack on Twitter...the guys must receive hundreds of tweets everyday. Must not be easy to read them all).

Good luck Serbia. Keep fighting :)

Slavija hôtel. Beograd. Stayed 1 week there.
Good hotel for the 30stm ;)

EDIT : Incredible and brave serbian Echelons ! They've even started a petition. Want to sign it ? It's HERE Thanks for them :)

EDIT 2 : 02/24 Found that video yesterday. I've no comment on it. It's says it all.


3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

you made me cry.. :')))) i love it.. i am serbian echelon by the way.. xD

Féfé au bled a dit…

I'm glad to read that :)

I really, really do hope that you'll have the 30stm in your beautiful country this summer.

Keep on fighting for it great serbian Echelons.

I'll help as much as I can. It has sort of become my fight either :)

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you so much for helping us. I promise that we will NOT give up. (I am the girl who made this video :D) Thank you so much for fighting with us...

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