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lundi 14 février 2011

Mars, Harry Potter, the Cullens and I (not necessarily in that order)

Like Harry Potter (and Severus Snape...and many others but listing them all is not my point here), I am a "half-blood".

Ok, I do not have both the magical and muggle heritage that the two wizards received as soon as they were conceived and I am thus not familiar with the handling of magic wands. Still, Harry, Severus and I have one thing in common : we come from and belong to two different worlds.

I was born with two citizenships, with two completely different cultures (european and north african), with two completely different languages (french and arabic) and in a family which had (and still has) two different religions (Christianism and Islam...not completely different though as all the religions are based if not on the same book, at least on the same story...)

And, to ease the comprehension of the whole thing (why do simple when one can do complicated !), I was born in a country different from those to which my two halves belong to. Thanks Dad ! Thanks Mom !

You can thus figure out the huuuuge obstacles I have to overcome quite often. Obstacles which sometimes lead to third-type dialogues such as :

"So, you are from this country M'am ?"
"No. I was just born there."
"Okay. Could you show me your passeport M'am ?"
"sure...eeer...which one ?"
"Are you kidding me M'am ?"
"I'm not"

I won't talk about all the "combinations" that have led to my two main halves (many different "blood" from many different countries). I would be sorry to learn that you have ran away before you reached the end of my message.

Huh ?!?!
Like the Cullens, I have to juggle with two different worlds. The Cullens feel at ease in the world of vampires and in that of the humans. Ok, It is a bit more difficult for Jasper Cullen to resist the call for human blood (ask Bella, she'll tell you). But, he sort of manages to handle this "minor" problem in the end.

In the same way as the Cullens, I feel at ease in my two different worlds. However, like Jasper, in one or two particular cases, I have sometimes felt a strong urge for the blood of certain humans whom I'd mix with : in Europe when faced to something which looked strongly like racism because of my arabic-sounding family name and in north Africa when faced to something which looked strongly like racism (no, no, I'm not stammering) because of my european-looking face (many would say eurasian-looking face but the problem remains the same anyway).

Me. At 9.
See what I mean by eurasian-looking face ?
Unlike Jasper though, I find it difficult to handle those kind of situations. Fortunately, they are not that common.

On Mars...

Ah. Mars. 

There are lots of places on Earth where I feel good. I blend in with the decor whatever the country is. Actually, I think that if I belong to all the countries of the world it's because I am not deeply rooted in one and only one place. To me, that's the positive aspect of the "melting" thing.

So, when I found out Mars, I realized that I had found a new place where I could blend in. A virtual place where to feel good. On this planet, like in the many places of the Earth that I love so much, no matter what the color of your skin is, no matter what the color of your name is, no matter what the color of your language is. It's a virtual place but a place where people from all around the world are brought together.

My most preferred virtual place actually.

Feet on the ground and head in the clouds

There we are. You've reached the end of my message (thank you. You don't give up too easily, do you ?) but you know what ? I would have loved to end it with something spiritual to say but my brain refuses to obey.

Must have sprained it ;)

Need to rest
By the way, after last week's "CTTE week", this week is the "hurricane Week" on Mars. So, please, do not forget to promote, to promote promote :)

Enjoy this.

Féfé-who-belongs-to-nowhere-and-to-everywhere-at-the-same-time (and who's thus free as a bird)

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