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mercredi 9 février 2011

Yep, I've chosen my "Valentines" on a planet called Mars !

I am sorry to say that the axiom which stipulates that all women looooooooove Valentine's Day is wrong. I am a woman and I don't like VD. So, ALL women are NOT fond of those little pink sickening hearts that you find everywhere as soon as the date of Feb.14 gets nearer. nauseam

There you are. I said it !

...and I think that I've just shattered a myth.

When you love a man, you love him all the time, don't you ? Each day of the year, you want to love him, to seduce him, to please him and this is supposed to be reciprocal. Should be reciprocal anyway otherwise, I'm sorry to tell but you're sort of up the creek.

My 2 cents....

In short, I think that the so-called Valentine's Day is actually a Business Day.

Make love, don't shop

However, me myself and I had a meeting yesterday and we have decided unanimously that this year, we would change our habits and would choose a Valentines actually (let's not be mean).

We decided to get these 3 Valentines from Mars. Actually, we thought that while we were at it (joining something which usually left us completely cold), we might as well think big.

So, the 3 of us (me, myself and I, are you still following ?) looked toward the sky (not anymore the limit) and more particularly toward Mars.

We remembered (at this point, a wave of emotion came over us) that while we were agonizing last week thanks to that bloody bad flu, the music of Mars had kept us alive.

The body was motionless but the mind, the spirit or whatever one wants to call it...God ! It was flying, jumping, laughing, singing. It exulted, it was jubilant, it was...

...It was alive.

This is why, quite understandably, me, myself and I have decided to choose as our Valentines 3 buddies called Shannon, Jared and Tomo.

Thanks guys !
Oh ! one more thing : people seem to think that Valentine's Day is only dedicated to lovers.

They're wrong.

This day is also dedicated to friendship.
Yeah...fuck Valentine's Day ;)

PS : By the way, while you're around, do not  forget to vote here and there


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