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lundi 12 septembre 2011

Mars Week or the Power of Echelon

Have you ever heard about what is called "The Power of Echelon" ? Have you ever heard about this powerful force which carries tons of unconditional, ungrudging, fervent and unquestioning love for Mars ?

If you have not (which, I confess, would stun/stupefy/astound/stagger me), let me teach you one thing : this overwhelming love is precisely where the Power of Echelon lies.

But the Power of Echelon also lies in their unity. Have a look at the pic below and you'll understand the spirit. This drawing was created by and belongs to @sugaronmars (aussie Echelon). It summarizes what I mean by Unity and being one...(and in case you have not read Sugar's letter to Mars - which, I confess, would stun/stupefy/astound/stagger me, especially if you are a member of Echelon (I got it Helios, didn't I ?) ;) -, please feel free to read it HERE

Thanks for this amazing piece of Art Blondie <3

Last week was Mars Week on Twitter. I'm sure you know what it was about. If would stun/stupefy/astound/stagger me :) Well, actually it was about making Mars related topics trend worldwide. The deal was to trend one topic per day (I actually do not know who suggested this idea/mission). Anyway, Echelon is one, right ?

It had all started on 09/03 with HAPPY BDAY TOMO MILICEVIC. We were so proud to see it trending this high in the list.

And then, Mars Week started
Jared Leto
Jared Leto is the boss
30 Seconds To Mars Forever
Thank You 30 Seconds To Mars
Shannon Leto Day
Find the Argus Apocraphex 
This one must have puzzled many "tweoples" in  'Tweopolis" (thank you Shannon for creating these 2 beautiful words)

Bart Cubbins is the Genius
Mars Crew
From Echelon with Love
Twitter is Echelon
Well, Echelon actually owned Twitter last week and we had to state it ;)

Ha !! I know you are puzzled. There are 7 days in a week (unless things have changed recently which would stun/stupefy...blahblahblah), there are 7 days but 10 trends WW. "Huh?" would say some of you "how come ?"

Easy answer guys. Echelon has made 2 Mars related topic trend on the same day. Example : MARS CREW and FIND THE ARGUS APOCRAPHEX both trended on Sept.9. But we are talking about Echelon Power, aren't we ? When Echelon is fighting altogether as one, 2 worldwide trends a day is dead easy *smug*

It has been a beautiful Mars Week, full of love and of dedication.

I'm telling you again Echelon, I'm proud to be part of this huge family spread all over the world.



PS : Echelon Power is NEEDED the soonest as possible on Fuse. Poll closes on Sept.20. If you think Jared writes the most meaningful lyrics, it is time to show it HERE

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