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lundi 31 octobre 2011

Where the legend meet facts

Me, myself and I woke up the other day and thought that we should leave Mars for a while. "Why ?" would you ask. Well, simply because there are so many beautiful things on Earth that deserve to turn our attention to.

The Arthurian legend is one of those beautiful things.

I've always been fond of legends. Fond of ? Hum, fascinated would be a better word. When I was a kid, I'd read a lot. I still read a lot. I've already told you about that, haven't I ? ( HERE ). And when those legends tell about chivalry, when those legends tell about a time when the word "honor" was not (yet) just a word but a way of life, when they tell about life in the Middle Ages, then I am 200% captivated.

So, when I recently discovered a TV series called "Merlin" (which is actually broadcasted on british people's screens since 2008 via BBC One : Official Merlin site ), I immediately knew that I had found something full of promises.

I was not wrong.

Ok, the scriptwriter(s) of "Merlin" took a few liberties with what I would call the "conventional history". But, as long as no-one really knows if Arthur really belongs to history or if he's just a legendary King, scriptwriters all over the world have the right not to curb their imagination...provided their imagination does not lead them to nonsense. Which, to me, is not the case here even if :

- Guinevere is not anymore of noble birth (she's commonly known as the daughter of King Leodegrance in the non-welsh medieval romance) but she is a servant,
- Merlin is younger than Arthur,
- Lancelot is gonna...oops ! (can't tell you more. Sorry guys)...

...and so on and so forth.

Anyway, if I wanted to be honest...completely, totally, entirely honest, I'd say that I do like this version of the Arthurian legend...perhaps because of the amount of romance contained in it (we all need a bit of romance in our lives don't we ?) but more likely because the actors are very good, the CGI is so well done that you don't even realize there is CGI, because of the costumes, the knights, the tournaments, the decor, the music...and the magic. Oh God ! I had nearly forgotten to mention the magic. The most important part. This evil magic which main goal is to destroy the King and the Kingdom as opposed to the good magic which aims at protecting the King, the Kingdom and its people...

...but above all, because of the beautiful alchemy going on between the two main actors (Colin/Merlin Bradley/Arthur).

This is why, the day before yesterday, I went to a DVD shop and bought the 3 first seasons of Merlin. So, since the day before yesterday, I'm deeply drowned in the Middle Ages, in the Kingdom of Camelott, greedily following the story of Merlin and of Arthur, laughing (a lot), crying (a bit...mainly because of Merlin and Balinor), being scared sometimes (I know, I know...), disgusted either (Uther and the troll. Yuuuurk)...

...and loving it a lot (always).

Now if you are interested in the Arthurian legend and want to know more about it, follow Colin Morgan (Merlin) and Bradley James (Arthur) in their tour of Wales which is the place where it all started (and where it ended as it seems).

However, one has to be extremely cautious. When you will have started with the legend, you will never ever be able to get away from it.

Don't say I did not warn you.

French speakers will also love a hilarious version of Arthur's life called Kaamelott LINK TO SITE

"Kaamelott is a french television series running originally 2005-2009. It combines medieval fantasy and comedy to present a new "realistic epic" version of the Arthurian legend.
While the series takes place in the 5th century, it uses modern language and situations to create a humorous view of the Arthurian legend..."

Wanna read more ? Source : Kaamelott

I must be leaving now. Need to "re-watch" episodes 12 and 13 of season 3 and the five first ones of the 4th season.



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