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dimanche 30 janvier 2011

Closer To The Edge week...and that bloody Grammy thing which is getting on my nerves

My message won't be long today. I simply wanted to tell you something : my forefinger is nearly broken, so is my computer mouse. Do you know why ?

Clicking too much can be painful...
...and can lead to this.
Thank God I've got another hand

Because of that bloody Grammy thing (click on the title to learn more), I am on my way to lose a finger.

God !! In french I'd say "On a eu chaud !". If we translate this literally, it'll give "we were hot" but what it really means is "we had a narrow escape !" : we were 3 points behind My Chemical Romance when I woke up this morning. Believe me guys, I was in a cold sweat about it. I felt like we had missed a huge disaster very, very narrowly.

Now things seem to get better but as we say in french (second french lesson today ;)) "On n'est pas sortis de l'auberge !" which means : we're not yet out of the woods. 

Actually, there seems to be strong opponents on the other side of the battlefield. We MUST NOT underestimate them.

So, pleaaaase, for the sake of my forefinger, keep voting.

It is 12:56pm "european time" and I am glad to see that we are now 5 points ahead (38.41% / 33.52%).

Remember guys : one can not afford to rest on their laurels. The poll is not over yet.

I understand that most Echelons are concentrating themselves on the CTTE missions HERE but this poll is important. To me, it has become a personal fight I DO NOT want to lose (I know, I know, I am gradually becoming crazy).

So, let's keep fighting...

Let's keep voting...

Until "war is won".

I would not survive a defeat.

The Hara-Kiri way seems the noblest (if not easiest) way 

EDIT 01/30 10:00pm : 30stm 40.1% - My Chem.Romance 33.49%. Not a victory yet. Let's not break up.
EDIT 01/31 7:55 am : 40.39% / 36.16% They're getting too close. Watch out.
                 4:00 pm : 41.48% / 35.71% Better...
                 8:00 pm : 42.82% / 35.01% Carry on this way guys and I won't have to hara-kiri me.
    02/01 10:30 am : 43.27% / 34.97% Yeaaaaaah. l might keep my guts inside in the end ;)
    02/01   6.30 pm : 43.53% / 34.55% Hé, hé, hé. I can breathe again...but let's keep a tight ass ;) It's not over yet.
               11:00 pm : 43.94% / 34.28% Flu has wrung my brain out so I'll reconsider my urge to be delighted with such a result tomorrow morning...even if the poll is not yet over.
    02/02 8:30 am : 44% / 34.23% On our way ;) (...and I'm delighted. I know I shouldn't, we're still fighting).
    02/03 8:45 am : 44.94% / 33.46% No comment :)
               9:00 pm : 45.05% / 32.72% I have a dream : I dream of a 5 and a 0. Is that possible or is it just a dream ?
    02/04 1:50 pm 45.20% / 32.39% Do you feel the taste of victory ? I do. It tastes soooo good.
    02/05 2:30 pm 45.58% / 31.95% There are interesting comments from fans of both sides at this stage of the vote.
    02/06 3:30 pm 46.41% / 31.54% Will this poll end one day ?
    02/11 2:00 pm 49.25% / 29:69% I was dreaming of a 50% a few days ago. We're so close...

Féfé-who-will-surely-have-lost-a-finger-by-the-end-of-the-week (and probably her guts either but let's not be pessimistic).

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