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mercredi 2 février 2011

Not far from Mars, there is a satellite called CB7

I do love music. As far as my memory can take me, there has always been music in my life. I have always listened to all kinds of music with no restriction. I would first listen and would decide afterwards if I liked (or not) such or such type of music.

Today, I am still always glad to discover new things, new bands, new people, new styles of music. I have recently discovered the 30 Seconds To Mars (something like 3 or 4 months ago) and I fell deeply in love with their music. You must have noticed that if you have wandered around in my blog. It's blindingly obvious, isn't it ? ;).

So, as a 30stm lover, I naturally gave a closer look at CB7 as they seem to be closely connected to Shannon Leto the-best-drummer-of-Earth-of-Mars-of-the-entire-galaxy-and-of-the-whole-universe-either...unfortunately, there's nothing bigger than the Universe (I mean the knowable physical universe) otherwise I would have added it.

But I came across a snag ! Actually, finding information about CB7 on the web is not that easy. The band seems to be a brand new one. No first record yet ? No website yet ? Still looking for their way on the dangerous-narrow-tortuous road that leads to fame ?

One must have a strong stomach
Anyway, what I wanted to do today is to make you discover the music of that band. I've listened to it this morning. People are used to assigning a "genre" to each kind of music. What I have found on CB7 is that the "genre" is new wave, alternative, electronic.

But you know what ? I don't care a sh.. about the genre. The only thing I know is that I liked what I heard and I simply wanted to share that with you.

Here are two videos (click on the title of my message to get more).

Feel free to tell me what you think about CB7 music.

Enjoy (don't forget to stop the widget up the page).

Hey there. Nice to meet you.
Maybe one day, the satellite will become a planet the same size as the reddish one which seems to be its protector.

That's what I wish you guys.


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