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mardi 25 janvier 2011

"Ne gazi travu". Tomo from Earth...and from Mars either I guess.

When I was younger (or less old depending on whether one is optimistic or pessimistic...I am an optimistic nature, so...), I would be a sportswoman. I mean, at an international level. I'm even a "gold-medalled" chick and I'm sort of proud of that.

Ouch ! Not this sport anyway
During my sport-years, I have traveled quite a lot. Among the places I have visited was a beautiful country which was still called Yougoslavia. It had not split yet.

I was thus lucky to be able to visit cities such as Dubrovnik and Split (Croatia), Belgrade (Serbia), Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina) and several other towns (I can't recall the names, there were too many) .

Guess Dubrovnik looks like the same today
I have walked on this bridge (built in the 16th century).
Heard it was destroyed during the war but was rebuilt in 2004.

I see you wondering where I am leading you with my story.

Try a guess.

So ?...

No ?... Ok. I'm gonna tell you.

If you wander around in my blog, you'll discover that since last November, I have mainly dedicated it to the Thirty Seconds To Mars band, with an emphasis on the Leto brothers (their music and/or their actions - Jared's action for Haïti for example).

I have just realized this fact myself. I did not intend to write pages and pages on the 30stm and I am surprised to see that I still have things to say on (about ?) them. Anyway, as long as I have something to say, I'll say it and as long as I'm happy to do it, I'll do it :)

What I have also realized is that I have, unvoluntarily, omitted Tomo Milicevic from all my posts though he is as great a part of the triad as Shannon or Jared. Triad, as the word suggests is composed of three. So, one was missing.

Sorry man.
So now ? Do you understand why I talked about my journey in the ex-Yougoslavia ?

Actually, after some research (it has become a habit now), I learnt that Tomo was born in Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina). This reminded me an anecdote : when I arrived in Belgrade, while I was getting out of the airport, I saw a sign put in the middle of a square. The sign was reading : "Ne gazi travu" (written in latin letters). I remember myself asking the interpreter what it meant. The answer was "do not walk on the grass".

Mine was real grass ;-)
Today, many years after I learnt my first (and last) words in Serbian (yougoslavian ?) language, I still remember these 3 words. Weird, isn't it ?

But let's get back to the point.


Now things are plain. I have talked about the 3 guys from the 30stm. I know they don't care a sh... but I do.

Oh, one last thing : Tomo pleaaaaaaaaase, if you read me one day, I wanted to ask you something : have a look at your computer keyboard. On you left, there is a CAPS LOCK button. See it ? 

This one yes.
Ok now, could you just press on it so that you switch the little green light off ? Pleaaaaaaaase. I don't know if you are aware of the fact that writing on the internet with capital letters means that you are yelling. This rule comes from the "Netiquette". (<-- this link will lead you to the rule). Don't take it bad man (I know you won't. You're a crazy mofo aren't you ?).

I "unfollowed" you on Twitter because of that. I felt like you were always shouting at us. And as I am a sensitive little thing (LOL) I was shivering each time you tweeted.

See ? :)
You're not mad at me, are you ?
I have to leave you now everyone. Loads of things to do today.

By the way, today is the second day of the CTTE thing (the" promotion" week, you remember ?). I am wondering what today's mission will be. I'll have to wait for that. Bloody jetlags.

Anyway, I'm convinced that the Echelons are crouched, silently waiting for the HQ order, ready to launch their attack on the world.


NB : and please, do keep in mind that I am a french native speaker (thus there must be plenty of mistakes : grammar, syntax, tense...). Be indulgent :)


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