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mercredi 24 novembre 2010

WHAAAAAAAAAAT ?? You don't know Jared Letoooooooooo ??

Only for you gentle english-speaking reader.

The statistics of my blog showed me that you have come many times around here.  You don’t feel at ease with French ? I’m gonna do you a favor. I’ll translate my previous message into English. 

But YOU, kind reader, you have to promise me not to pay any attention to the mistakes you’ll surely find in this translation. I actually am only a kind french native speaker who is trying to satisfy you (got that ?)
Ok now.

I'm driving. Getting the “goblin” back from school. I think. I don’t really remember. As usual, I’m listening to music. Suddenly, something "grabs" my ear. A rock thing.

I'm not “rock”. 
Well, at least, I thought I was not. Never say "I do not like". That's one of the many lessons I've learnt.

What I was listening to was awfully nice.

-“Who’s singing ?” I ask my niece who’s in the car with me
- “Jared Leto”
- “Who ?”
- “Jared Leto. Come on, you must know him. Mr Nobody, Requiem for a dream, you remember ?” (My niece is fond of movies. I’m not. Not as fond as she is I mean)
- “What then. He’s an actor ?”
- “Yeah” she answers, staring at me as if I had lived the last 40 years in the farthest part of Siberia with no TV, no internet, and no magazines, “but he likes music best”, she adds.
- “Ah ?"
- “His band is called 30 seconds to Mars”

Naturally, as soon as I got home, I ran to synchronize my Ipod. I wanted my ears to be directly “connected” to this song, with no noise of any kind around.



The song I was listening to was called (and is still called anyway lol) Kings and Queens from the album “This is war” of the band my niece was talking about a few seconds to mar…uh…a few seconds ago.

30 Seconds To Mars - Kings and Queens
envoyé par EMI_Music. - Regardez la dernière sélection musicale.

A while later, I had another surprise. A bigger one I must say. I was in my car (again. Can you believe it ?) and heard the marvel of all the marvels I had ever heard before ( that english ?) : Closer to the Edge (from the same album). I do not intend to write a novel on this song (I don't have enough vocabulary anyway). I just want you to know my kind reader that since then, I have been listening to it nearly non-stop (I know, I know...)

Can't help it !

Did you hear Shannon leto ? Crap!!!!! Everybody speaks about Jared. Jared here, Jared there, Jared everywhere  (well, OK, he shows us rather often his abs/chocolate bars which are…hem…rather interesting), but has anybody thought of listening to his brother Shannon ??? Open your ears wide (wider please, wider) and concentrate on the drums (what’s the exact word ? I don’t know. I hope you have understood what instrument  I am talking about kind reader. Well at least, if you have understood that it is not a banjo or a yukulélé, then I’m happy). That guy (I’m talking about Shannon Leto, are you still following me ?) is soooo good/awesome/incredible (choose the word you prefer) when he is behind his drums.

See what I mean ?

Well, since THE discovery, I have listened to the entire album. And you know what ? I have loved every single song (night of the hunter, this is war, 100 suns, hurricane, vox populi, alibi...aaah alibi...).

Wow !! I can see that you've reached that far in my message gentle reader. You deserve a reward :-)

That's it. I've had a crush for that band and their music. Some people I know don't like them. F...stupid morons*$¤¤#*µ%**   Fair enough.

As for me, I love them

But you have already understood that, kind reader, haven't you ?


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Anonyme a dit…

LOL!!! My story is just like yours!!! Genial!!! Im not the biggest fan of 30stm but i'm surely de newest. A friend published Close to the Edge in facebook and i was literaly smashed and grabed to monitor when i saw that video. I thouht: Who the hell are these kids??? this happened in October...since then, every day I listen my "boys" (as I say)and make my search in internet to know more and more. It's strange and my friends keep telling me that I am crazy...they say that 30stm is for kids and that I'm too old - I have same age as Jared (I forgive them because they don't know)!!! Well, it was so good read my/yours thoughts!!! Let me just tell you that I've heard Shannon behind drums - Shannimal!!! And I will have he opportunity to see the band alive in Lisbon next 16th. Highest expectations!!!

Féfé au bled a dit…

If you're a fan (not the biggest, i've got that but i'm surely not the biggest either) since october, than I am the newest one lol

As for the age, I don't think it is important. The important thing is the music. We like it or not. It's as simple as this.

Lucky you who'll be in Lisbon. Take care. You'll be surrounded by thousands of "spotty" teenagers lol

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