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vendredi 26 novembre 2010

Thirty Seconds To Mars...again...but not really about them though.

I have decided to carry on writing my messages in English (at least for a while) for two main reasons : first of all because my readers are mainly of English expression but also because it’ll be a good exercice to improve myself. Hopefully, one day, I’ll speak/write Shakespeare's language, if not perfectly, at least correctly (we’re all allowed to have dreams, are we not ? - Wow ! Admire the austenian style. A good start, is it not ? J )

These last few days, you must know that by now, I felt like very much interested in the music band Thirty Seconds To Mars. But before anything else, I have to tell you one important thing : when I am interested in something, I get involved extremely seriously in that thing : I surf/browse on the internet and drive all the available info out. Gossips are of no interest to me. What I look for is the story of the thing i'm interested in, the background, why, when, where and how they/he/she/it started...those kind of things. I look for the different blogs dedicated to the object of my attention and their/his/her own ones (when there are any), I "tweet", I "facebook". Actually, I read all what I can read.

Particularly the fan's comments. My favorite part I must confess.

And wow ! Those comments are sometimes...surprising. No. More than surprising. Astounding. They are.

But what if we first started with a bit of ethymology ? The word "fan" is an abbreviation of the word "fanatic" which comes from the latin "fanaticus" (plural : fanatici). Originally, the word "fanatic" would essentially refer to religions. Nowadays, it also refers to "any group or any person with a linking and enthusiasm for something".

I love the euphemism. To me, it is faaar much more than enthusiasm.

There are, I think, two categories of fans. It is my opinion. I might be wrong, but as it is my blog, me, myself and I have decided unanimously that I was right... ;-) :

- 1st one : fans with a brain.
- 2nd one : fans with two neurons linked together by one (and only one) synapsin*, allowing the fan to handle one (and only one) information at a time.
(* check the word 'synapsin' guys. The translation might be incorrect. French word : "synapse")

See ?

Those with a brain that works properly are not the subject of my topic. No, no. But the second category has caught my attention.

A few days ago, the 30stm have started the promotion of the video-clip of their song "Hurricane". To keep their fans clinging on to their computer screen (I actually am one of them. Not litterally clinging, but you get the idea), each day, they release a few-seconds-length teaser. On D-Day (soon I heard but I don't know the exact date), the final 20 minutes-length video clip will be released.

Of course, each release is followed by comments.

One would expect if not intelligent comments (we do not all have Einstein's IQ), at least comments which make sense. But thanks to my second category, we are drowning in a continuous stream of "sentences" (?) such as :

- "Hot Jared"
- "Hot, hot Shannon"
- "Hot, hot, hot"

I've read a comment from a lady (a guy ?) who was asking - no, who was begging Shannon or Jared (I don't remember) to come to Brazil to "F...k" her (Him ? ouch). And that other comment from a chick who'd accept Jared to spit in her mouth...beuuuuuuuuurk (have to throw up. I'm back in a minute). This comment followed the release of the teaser "telephone" with the spitty-thing that I hate soooo much (ok, ok. I've already said it. I know, I know). Those who don't know what I'm talking about, go on 30stm's blog HERE.

When it's too hot, it burns

Let's be serious. What is this kind of fans interested in ? In the band and their music ? Or in their possible beautiful "derriere", in their possible beautiful face, in their possible beautifully developped muscles ? But there are plenty of men on this planet who have a beautiful derriere, a beautiful face and plenty of muscles. So what ? Is it all about fame ? Is that it ?

I am wondering if they would be interested in the Leto brothers if the said brothers, with the same music, looked like this :

Shannon (looking happy...WTF ?) 

Jared ready for a graceful jump throughout a hotel window

Would they show the same...hem..."enthusiasm" ?

I also wonder how the 30stm (we are talking about them here but this applies to any famous band) manages this ready-to-offer-their-body-and-surely-more fan thing. Ok. I understand that I'm talking about a pool of potential buyers of albums and/or concert tickets. So...

Anyway. How I'd love to have a magical power that would enable me to turn into a little mouse. I would discreetly observe these gentlemen when they read such highly spiritual comments.

Must be funny !

(Oh, please, if you read my message, don't kill any mouse unless you're sure it's not me. I'm planning to attend Minerva McGonagall's class to learn how to become an animagus).

Please...check first

Of course, fans of that kind have always existed and will always exist. I'm not that stupid. I'm even proud to inform you that I've got a couple of "synapses" which allow me to handle more than one information at a time.

...which does not mean that I am an intelligent person. If I were such a brilliant-minded Féfé, I would have understood the fan-phenomenon. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Maybe one day. Who knows ?

Ooooh, I must be going.. The "Tomo" teaser has been released. There must be loaaaaaaaads of comments.

Mouth watering. 



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Norgus73 a dit…

Fangirls.. I thought their comments on the official site & on the outernet funny at first. Now it's just annoying. And like you I wonder how many fans like Mars because of their music & not just their looks..

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