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lundi 29 novembre 2010

Hurricane, the video-clip of Thirty Seconds To Mars banned from TV

There we are. "Hurricane", the 20 minutes-length video-clip of Thirty Seconds To Mars we have all been waiting for for weeks is banned from television.

Two reactions :

1- I am completely, entirely, totally FOR the freedom of expression. So, when I hear the word "ban", my entire body freezes.

2- The 30stm have quite a very young fandom. The question is : can they broadcast such a sexually explicit video ?

Let's have a look at the second point.

We all  know that nowadays kids face violence and sex everywhere (movies, pics, the internet and even at school) and, let's not bury our head in the sand (that's the ostrich-like approach, not ours) : they sometimes know much more things than we, adults, do.

I'm not saying it is a good thing or an evil one. I'm just stating a fact.

In France, as I tweeted this morning, I don't think the 30stm would have faced such a problem (If you think that what I'm saying is rubbish, feel free to message me and to give me examples of any banned video in France). There wouldn't have been any remove-that-shot thing but there would have been a special time-schedule to broadcast the video (eg : after 8:00 pm or 9 or whatever time the censors think appropriate) and one of the pictograms the french TV is fond of would have appeared on one corner of the TV screen :

These pictograms are used to inform parents of the possible degree of violence or of the possible degree of sex contained in a video/movie... You (we), as a parent, have thus the choice to let (or not) your (our) child watch that video or that movie.

I'm talking about children of course. I can't imagine that the video-clip has been banned to protect adults !!

I am the mother of a 14-years-old teen. As such, I think that the french approach is correct. We HAVE the choice.

Always give people the choice. Always.

But it seems that in the USA, land of Democracy and Freedom, things are different.

Very sad.

EDIT Nov.30

Wanna watch the video ?

EDIT 2 : Oops. It's gone.

EDIT 3 :


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Norgus73 a dit…

Censorship is like saying someone can't have steak cause you can't chew it... Music channels in Belgium opted to show Hurricane uncensored late at night.

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