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mercredi 1 décembre 2010

30 Seconds To Mars (er...again). Ready for a journey ?

I've already told you that when I was interested in something, I'd look for everything about it, haven't I ? So, you won't be suprised to hear that I've carried on my "researches" on the 30stm.

Believe me or not , I was not at all prepared to what I have found. 

A lot has been said on "Hurricane" the video-clip/the mini film or whatever people call it. I have myself taken part in the "debate" : I have "blogged" on it, I have written messages on, I have "twittered" and "Facebooked"...I thus won’t add a word but this one : from what I've seen yesterday night while rummaging on the internet, the 30stm have not "betrayed" their style. The content is different (yeah, yeah, I agree) but the form is easily recognizable.

So, today, I simply wanted you to join me for what I would call "a journey around the 30stm video-clips". 

I'll start with what I think is the most beautiful video-clip of the 30stm (from what I've seen so far. Still searching, you remember ?). The one I prefer most : "From Yesterday".

I was totally flabbergasted by what I was watching and listening to. 7.25mn of excellent music, 7.25mn of amazing images and above all, an amazing film set : the Forbiden City !! The city of the CHINESE EMPERORS !!!! The creation of YongLe, third emperor of the Ming Dynasty, in the 15th century (a bit of history cannot harm). Can you believe it ??


But what if you watched the video ? 1 image is far better that a hundred words.

Get the people around you out of here. Now the headphones on please. Do not forget to stop the music of the blog (the widget up on this page). And, of course : full screen.

Ready ?


So ? Flabbergasted ?

Then, I decided to carry on my journey with "A beautiful lie". I have few comments on this one. The message it conveys is clear. I simply want to say that the words of the inuit who talks at the beginning have touched me very deeply. His world is getting worse and worse thanks to us - the said "civilized" ones.

Open your eyes (and your ears either) because here also you're going to be smashed right in the face.

Yes, please.

To finish with the journey (momentarily because it was late and I needed to sleep), I decided to watch a third video clip. "The Kill".

This one looks more like "Hurricane" in a dream-like, strangeness-like, fantasy-like sense. I watched it only once (too tired) so, when I'll have watched it a second time, I'll probably edit this message (if I have things to add).

Anyway, emotionally speaking, it is my third favorite (for the time being), but second (musically speaking) after "From yesterday".

I really enjoyed my evening yesterday. I'll look for more video of the 30stm (as I definitely love their music and the way it is visually expressed).

I have classified the 3 video clips according to 3 criteria : emotion, visual and music. Here is how I have perceived them. This classification might change over time as I watch the remaining videos.

       Emotionally                        Visually                                       Musically

1-    A Beautiful Lie                 From Yesterday                          From Yesterday
2-    From Yesterday               A Beautiful Lie                            The Kill
3-    The Kill                             The Kill                                         A Beautiful Lie

Hope you'll enjoy these 3 as much as I did.


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